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Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development :
Ready for Mobility

The iPhone and other smartphones show that mobile applications (apps) are in high demand. Therefore, many companies first develop iPhone apps. This app is successful, it plans to rule the app to be transferred to other platforms. But then quickly shows that the / iPhone developers are rarely able to port the application on BlackBerry, Android or WebOS.

Therefore, we recommend that you leave an app from start to develop as a Cross-Platform Application from experts like mvolution. Because once the concept is completed, the transfer to different platforms easier and so much cheaper.

Zome technologies offers comprehensive services around mobile apps:

     * Design (screen design, storyboard, architecture)
     * Implementation (programming frontend, backend, and interfaces)
     * Quality assurance (testing, debugging)
     * App Store Owner

Design as a cross-platform developer and develop for the following mobile platforms:

     * iPhone
     * iPad
     * BlackBerry
     * Android
     * Windows Mobile 7
     * Mobile Web Apps

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