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Offshore Development Teams

Offshore Development Teams :
Your Remote Team

Zome technologies has experts with their rich and rewarding experience at its disposal. They have proven their skills in collaborative projects as our partners. They are particularly strong in VB,. NET, Java, ASP and PHP development on various platforms, performing the tasks of the wide range.

If you are limited in time, experiencing a lack of personnel, lack of  qualifications or limited in the budget. You can contact our company for advice. Zome technologies provide specific services, you can hire our dedicated offshore developers who work only for you every day, in addition to classical hourly rate we can offer you the conditional for the monthly payment, or on the basis of project-by-project, in which case the payment is made for the project regardless of the time. We strive to build with your long term business relationship.

What you get.
Highly qualified employees ready to work 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, according to your schedule of the project, and very suitable, time zone.
Tasks can be assigned directly to a specific employee. We strictly execute standard way of developing such a way that you did not have to worry about the process of development. In addition, you can manage your task list and plan the course of the development

You can hire our developers to do projects on the following technologies:
PHP development
JAVA development
VB. NET development
ASP. NET development
C # development
C + + development
ASP development

Qualifications of our staff, enables you to optimize the cost of creating projects with guaranteed delivery times and quality.

How we do it:
According to your request, we will provide a set of staff who have appropriate skills and technologies, according to your requirements. This step better way to mark that you need technology, our customers often have doubts which technology is best to choose in a particular case, our experts after a preliminary talk with you, identify them, to start a new project. We provide you, the test process of our employees, allowing you to understand and solve, and the future long-term process of working with us. Our prices are based on a monthly wage of engineers, according to the required qualifications you.
To start a new strategic partnership with us, when the service is just beginning, you can contact us directly by email, using the internet messenger –Skype, MSN, Yahoo. ICQ, AOL, or just give us a call so that the members of our team can respond quickly to work as part of your team. You can monitor and control the work of the offshore team, with the help of the management of the project, located on our server. We can place a panel of daily and weekly reports on work performed in a manner that is necessary to the client. We allow you to build your offshore facilities all at once in one place - you can always add or reduce staff.
As a solution, "turnkey" We provide facilities, human resources, recruitment of personnel, payment documents, and a full description of completed and planned activities for all offshore team members.

What should you do
Effective collaboration can get twice the result with half the effort. To build a successful bridge between us, we need the following minimum documents: approved your design specification or a detailed requirement of what you want to create. Open communication via e-mail, Internet messenger or telephone. Your periodic feedback on the work.

What we offer
Work at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.
Hardware and software infrastructure
A good environment for development. guarantee of timely communication and mutual cooperation.
Constant communication with the client, daily and weekly progress reports
The normative style of writing programs.
A complete and well-documented work, written in English
Strict adherence to the time of delivery of the product.

What our company offers:

What can you expect from us:
• Openness and honesty. We need a direct and open dialogue, we must always be constructive to look at what we think and express their opinion.
• Taking Responsibility. We take initiative, make decisions and take responsibility. We acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
• Confidence. It is important that we trust each other. If we promise something to do, what we will do it.
• Liaison and Support. Together we can achieve all that you can imagine.
• Enthusiasm and passion. Business should be like. What we are happier, more so with great enthusiasm we are looking for new challenges and it would seem unrealistic projects.
• Fairness and consistency. It is important that our behavior is a consistent and defensible at all times. We need to think before we act.
• Easy-effective solutions based on common sense. Using common sense and doing what comes naturally we avoid complicated solutions.
• We are different from everyone else. We are not afraid to be unconventional. We find new and better ways, solutions and unique technology that helps make projects. "Why?" - A very important word in Zome technologies. Why do we have to do things the traditional way?

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