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Website Development


Our company has been developing web sites of any complexity and subject matter. We can create quality sites, result-oriented and most adapted to the tasks for which they were intended.


Our proposals are

Online Business Card

Small budget website designed on the principle of "nothing more". Suitable for basic information about the company: products and services, addresses and other contact information. In addition, websites, business cards can have a tape, news, galleries, feedback forms, ... (website creation, business cards)

Promo site

The main function of this site - support the advertising campaign of a product or service. Usually, promo-sites contain a minimum of text and a large number of various visual effects: Flash-animations, 3D models, videos and ... (create a promotional site)

Business website

Stylish and functional web-based resource that emphasizes the particular status of the owner. Business websites have a strong commercial focus: accommodation details on the projects and services, illustrated catalogs of products ... (creating a business website)


Shop Online

An interactive Web site that not only informs visitors about the services and products company, but also offers online issue a purchase order and delivery of goods. Integrated management system lets you add and edit products, their descriptions and images ... (creating an online store)


Corporate Site

Prestigious Web representation, combining exclusive design, designed in the company's corporate style, and the professional version management system. Unlimited number of text and graphic information, a forum for visitors to the site ... (creating a corporate site)


Information Portal

The ideal solution for publishing and managing large amounts of information. Interactive approach, easy navigation and a nice interface to attract visitors. Sophisticated storage structure and presentation of information to simplify the process of administration ... (to create an Internet portal)

We also have extensive experience in creating such specialized sites such as online auctions, forums, and intranet portals. Our experts are ready to calculate the approximate cost and offer the best solution for any non-standard web project.


Benefits of our developed sites:


* Availability of content management system. CMS allows you to perform any administrative actions the web resource.
* The original author's design. We create a stylish and attractive sites with all the latest trends in web design.
* A user-friendly navigation. Our sites are designed primarily for the convenience of visitors, many of them - your potential customers!
* The ability to change and expand. For each site, initially provided an opportunity to improve the structure, content and design.
* Delivery of the project exactly on time. Timely execution of orders are guaranteed by the use of waste phase diagram of this site. We appreciate your time!


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